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A real housewife goes into the beauty biz

When I was wondering before it debuted why in bloody hell any woman would subject themselves to being cast for the Real Housewives of Vancouver I forgot one little thing: ENDORSEMENT DEALS!

I mean really, what make-up wearing woman can honestly say she wouldn't jump at the chance to have her own beauty line? Not you? LIAR!

Mary Zilba, who is emerging as the most easygoing Real Housewife of Vancouver, has partnered with Principessa on a line that includes lipgloss, perfume oil (in a roll on applicator, a personal fave), soy candles, and body butter.  

The MZ by Principessa fragrance is very feminine and floral, and although initially too floral for my taste (I love vanilla or gardenia top notes) it dries down to a lovely, fresh scent that will wear very nicely when the weather finally warms up.

The lipgloss is a great neutral shade on its own, or over a nude lipstick for more staying power.  I haven't even lit the candle and my office smells like a lady works here.  

Mary has a well worn path to follow, many previous housewives have used the show to launch business ventures.  Bethenny Frankel is the example by which all are measured, as she is rumoured to have sold her "Skinny Girl" drink mix company for $120 million in 2010.  Gretchen Rossi from the Real Housewives of OC has a cosmetic line and many other endevours, Alexis sells ugly tacky dresses (who has boobs that big to fit in those?!), and Ramona Singer has her own line of Pinot Grigio (that's an endorsement I could get behind). 

That's just a selection of them - as I write this I'm sure other ladies of the Real Housewives franchises are planning and scheming ways to build their brand and capitalise on their television notoriety.  

Some of these Real Housewives of Vancouver do it for fame, some to show off what they bought and paid for, and Mary is in it to make a few bucks and sell some beauty products.  I say good for her!

It's a lovely product line, and it's made in Canada.  The perfume oil is the perfect little to go size for my purse, and I'll think of Mary when I use it and hope she can continue to suffer some of those crazy housewife moments with a smile.  

To buy MZ by Pricipessa online, go here.

Thanks to VitaminDaily.com for the products!

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