I love stuff - and I love telling people about great stuff they shouldn't miss. I'm the girl at a cocktail party that has to spill about a great new find.  So in 2010, I started writing about all the stuff I don't think you should live without.

Since I was a little girl, I always had to have the latest, most original or coolest stuff. I've had a nameplate necklace since Carrie bought hers.  Amy Winehouse?  I had her first album (it's called Frank - and it's fantastic).

Beauty, Design, TV, Music and more - I'll tell you all about the good STUFF.

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Dad's Day Gift Guide

Dads are so much harder to buy for than moms.  Here's some great STUFF to spoil your pops with - Father's Day is on June 19 so you better get going!

This website has some seriously cool stuff - for sports nuts there is no greater selection of original gifts.  If you have a hockey nut in your world these cufflinks are mini hockey rinks.  What a stylish conversation starter!  They're $80US and ship from the states so if you're in Canada you should buy now to get them in time.  A few years ago I bought the husband a pen that was made of wood from an old seat at Yankee stadium - it was a big hit (available on this site for other baseball teams too!).

Behind the scenes at ESPN
From the authors who wrote a fantastic history of SNL (maybe they have a thing for abbreviations), the new book "Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN" is sure to be a page turning look behind the scenes at one of the world's most popular networks.  

It's truly an empire like no other - I might even read this!  Available at all book retailers now.

More 30 for 30
Remember this series we talked about for Christmas? I know some of you, like me, even bought it!  Well the next 15 docs are out as volume two of the box set.  I know it's available at Chapters.ca, and ships in 1-2 weeks so hopefully there is time.  It's such a well produced series, it's a home run gift for sure.  Pun intended.

Olympic Summer Fever?
The Bay has most Olympic items on sale, so if your dad or baby daddy is still feeling the love of the Olympics, it's a great time to order up.  The ladies stuff is on sale too, so in order to get to the $99 free shipping threshold, you might as well get a little something for yourself!  The Bay has an online store and the selection is pretty good!

Have fun shopping for the daddies in your life!

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