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Style for every week of 2011

It's a scary thought - but yes, I am already booking reminders and events into 2011.

I'm a long time fan of Moleskine books and calendars (and if you're traveling, their city guides are fantastic), but last year I bought a great fashion day planner at Chapters so last week I went searching for somethng similar.

What I found was even better - a hybrid (or perhaps ripoff) of a Moleskine calendar...but with major STYLE - made by a company called Workman. Yes, it has a shoe photo every week on the page. And the Guiseppe Zanotti zebra print peeptoe that was used on the cover to sucker me in worked like magic.

photo from Workman.com
Not only does it have some lovely shoes (and sadly, a few ugly ones), there is also some really useful info for shoe addicts in the front pages. Scenes from movies with great shoe moments (hello 'Devil Wears Prada'), how to say shoe in 26 languages (great info for you globetrotters), and how to keep shoes clean with a few fabric hints too.  It's frivolous and fun - can't we all use a little of that while we book in a dentist appointment?

This might also be the perfect stocking stuffer for that dude on your list with a killer foot fetish. I know a few (but won't name names, they know who they are).

I found mine at Bolen Books in Victoria (love that store!), but I'm sure you can get it at Chapters, and it's also available on Workman's website here.

Happy drooling!  Oh - and it's less than $20!

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