I love stuff - and I love telling people about great stuff they shouldn't miss. I'm the girl at a cocktail party that has to spill about a great new find.  So in 2010, I started writing about all the stuff I don't think you should live without.

Since I was a little girl, I always had to have the latest, most original or coolest stuff. I've had a nameplate necklace since Carrie bought hers.  Amy Winehouse?  I had her first album (it's called Frank - and it's fantastic).

Beauty, Design, TV, Music and more - I'll tell you all about the good STUFF.

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You Can Design for Kate Spade

Here's my custom design...I wish the initials were BIGGER!If you're trying to save your money, but you enjoy having things no one else has - apologies in advance but this is just for you.

Kate Spade recently launched a brand offshoot that's a little more budget friendly called Saturday - and the website includes a 'design your own' weekender bag. Tuck your shoes in the shoe compartment in the bottom, and stuff your belongings for a weekend away in the main compartment.

This cute little number can hold all you need for a mini-break (just remember: rolling your clothes allows you to fit more in there!) and you can create a bag no one else will have - even with your initials.  Average price is $220 USD, get started on designing yours and email it to someone as a subtle hint...or treat yourself.  You deserve it, don't you?

Yes, they ship to Canada - and there's more than just weekender bags...clothes, accessories...major cuteness.


Girls: If you only get ONE thing I tell you about...

This is it.

The girls at Beautymark know their stuff.  That store has been my go-to place for skincare, cosmetics and fun treats for over 10 years.  LOVE the ladies that work there and all their knowledge of all things beauty.

Dazzle Dry has totally changed my life.  It's a base and topcoat that you can use with all the nail polish you already have.  When you use it, your nails dry in 5 minutes, and your polish lasts a week.  

Best part: it comes off with regular nail polish remover.  No trips to the salon for gel nails.

It works, I've gone through almost a whole bottle of each.  I've got my all my girls hooked on it.  

The starter kits are back in at Beautymark (and online too!) for $35 - get them now before they sell out again. YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

Thank me later...


OK Girls: Try This

I'm probably the palest person you know (or maybe not know,  but just read her blog posts on the interwebs).  If its the depression depth of February, we could hang out and I will make you feel tanned.  Skip the tanning beds, I'm your winter antidote. 

If I don't wear blush I look like a ghost or someone with a clammy hangover (ok I might be exaggerating a touch, but you get the idea).

How delightful to find (and be given to review...full disclosure peeps), The Balm Cosmetics' Instain Powder Blush.  Don't let the name freak you out...I remember trying a lip stain sometime in the 90s and it WOULD NOT come off.  As the name suggests, this blush will actually stay on - no more pasty face for moi.

I tried the Toile colour, a nice peachy coral that I completely dig.  All six colours are available in Canada at NailPolishCanada.com, and there's free shipping right now! Side note: how is it possible I didn't know about this website that sells cosmetics but specializes in NAIL POLISH.  Am I slipping?!

Try this blush, use it sparingly and find a colour you love - you won't regret it. 




Can a curling iron make your life better?

Note: Pink Handle. I like. Ever had a guy at your office tell you you're having a good hair day?  A female co-worker text you to find out the name of the curling iron you're using? Yep, this happened since I bought this.  

Behold: the best $30 I've spent all summer: the Revlon Style Expert 2 in 1 Styling Iron - available exclusively at Target Canada (available in-store only).

It comes with two attachments, one for curls and the other is more of a cone and does defined spiral curls.

Perfect beach looking hair every time and even lasts into day 2 hair - and only takes about 5 minutes.

Fun story: This curling iron detaches at the middle to change the curling barrel. On a recent trip through airport security, the top part of the curling iron I had detached to save space (use your imagination here prompted by photo) fell out of my bag - banging on the steel table.  Cue major awkward moment with older gentlemen screening me.  Ah life, always full of surprises.

Highly recommend this product.  It's kinda changed my life, and the way I pack my carry on. 


If only to see these outfits come alive.

Image via LA Times  Have you seen "Behind the Candelabra" on HBO about Liberace?

Michael Douglas as Liberace, Matt Damon as his lover Scott Thorson.  Directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Honestly - if all that and this photo aren't enough to lure you in, something is wrong with you.

I went to the Liberace museum in Vegas a few years back, and this movie adaptation of Thorson's book is true to Liberace's interior design taste if nothing else.

A truly fascinating look into the life of a one-of-a-kind entertainer. Did people know he was gay?  I don't think they even cared.

This is HBO's highest rated movie since 2004 - somewhere Liberace is grinning and saying "thaaaank youuu" over and over.

If you want to know what's happened to Scott since Liberace's death, check this out.  Not a happy ending for him, but this is a great film about a true original and what it was like to live in his difficult but opulent world.