So Pretty Jewelry
by Cara Cotter  

Cara's contemporary design aesthetic layers clean, modern and organic elements together to create stunning and versatile pieces.   Sarah works on an ongoing basis as a PR consultant for So Pretty.

Island Kids Academy

A childcare facility with two locations, Sarah created a website that matches the fun and learning environment the kids enjoy and tells the story of the Academy's philosophy.


Sarah Marlayne Roberts is a public relations and digital media strategist.  She likes change and the opportunities it can bring.  She knows how to ask the right questions, and will never give you technology you don't understand or can't use.  She'll show you just how easy the web can be to help you build your brand and business.  She's big picture and tiny details too.  

Project management, web content, special events, social media inspiration, brand engagement, media relations - she does it all. 

In June 2012, Sarah was selected as a presenter at Canada's premiere social media event, Social Media Camp, in Victoria, BC.  In 2013, her posts on the conference's blog leading up to the 'camp' were the most widely read - you can read them here:

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A life-long lover of pop culture, read the latest and greatest on Sarah's blog, STUFF